“I went to physical therapy and got no relief, started feeling better after my first visit with Dr. J.”–       Lorlaine D.

“Very easy in and out, the Doc is very easy to talk to.  Makes you very comfortable.  Never been to another chiropractor and never will!”–       Rocky W.

“Is able to fix issues I have had for awhile.  I’m hard to adjust, but he gets it done!” –    Steve K.

“Dr. Johnson and his staff are excellent. I would highly recommend this office to anyone. I have used his services for over 10 years and have never been disappointed. He listens to your needs and educates you on treatment needed. He is professional and genuinely cares for his patients.” – DeAnn B

“I have used Dr. Johnson over the years and until two weeks ago hadn’t seen him for more than four years. He still does good work and is very conscience of the patient’s time. If you don’t need more work he won’t do it and when he thinks he’s done as much as he can for you he will tell you. Long story short I like him and his manner very much.” – happytobeme (Yahoo username)

“He has done great diagnosing my husbands back problem and got us the needed help to get it repaired and he is helping us out with my sons back problem also. He is a great guy to go to if you have problems.” – Kyle_Busch_#1 (Yahoo username)